1003, 2019

Prepare for Spring Showers with a Masonry Retaining Wall

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Maryland has had more than its share of rain this winter. But as sure as April showers bring May flowers, homeowners along the east coast can expect to endure further [...]

1802, 2019

Combine Your Deck and Patio for a Dynamic Landscaping Duo

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Combining your deck and patio can add a wealth of depth and dimension to your landscape, as upper and lower levels contribute to a cohesive, and harmonious outdoor living space. [...]

1101, 2019

4 Things You Never Knew You Needed for a Hot Tub Install

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The holiday fervor has subsided, and the unrelenting cold reality of winter is settling in. Many homeowners looking for a way to remain cozy and warm this season have started [...]

3010, 2018

Outdoor Fireplace Design Can Warm Up Your Holiday Seasons

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Life is busy. Many contemporary homeowners seeking a reprieve from the daily grind desire fully-functioning outdoor living spaces they can enjoy year round. Naturally, outdoor fireplace design is a staple [...]

2109, 2018

4 Ways to Cook-Up Fall Favorites with an Outdoor Kitchen Builder’s Help

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Summer may be waning, but that doesn’t mean those backyard barbecues have to end. There’s still plenty of open-air fun to be had this fall – from taking a breather [...]

2108, 2018

Do Your Patio Designers Have Answers to These 5 Questions?

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Your quest for the perfect patio designer has begun. Imagine spending lazy afternoons on your custom patio, stretched out in a lounge chair with a cool drink in hand and [...]