You’ve been pining for your neighbor’s in-ground pool for years, and now the tax return fates have smiled upon you and you’ve finally decided to take the plunge. Exciting; but a small word of caution – look before you leap.

A quick Google search will yield the names for plenty of companies with a backhoe and some spare time that are willing to lay siege to your lawn. But do they have the proper credentials? Experience?  Manpower?

Make sure to ask the following eight questions of every custom pool building candidate.

  1. What is the company’s reputation? Do your homework. Ask family, friends, and coworkers about their experiences with various pool contractors. This is a standard first step in narrowing a list of prospects. Before making that first phone call, determine whether or not the company has a physical location and/or storefront. The lack of a brick and mortar HQ is a fairly reliable early warning sign that you are dealing with a fly-by-night outfit.
  2. How much experience do they have? You are hiring someone to dig a sizeable hole on your property and fill it with water. Experience is of the utmost importance. Do they specialize in certain materials? There are plenty to choose from. Granite, gunite, poured concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl are among the most popular options. Does the company in question offer other landscaping work above and beyond the pool’s construction, such as hardscaping or water features? Accoutrements like these can transform a simple pool install into a backyard oasis.
  3. Is the prospect passionate about what they do? If not, steer clear and find someone who is. The enthusiasm (or lack thereof) almost always carries over into the work itself. If you are uncertain about what kind or style of pool you want, the ideal custom pool building candidate will be able to offer you a number of options that fit seamlessly with your home’s landscape and architecture.
  4. Can the contractor provide referrals from previous jobs? Again, this request will never be an issue with a legitimate professional. Ask if the company has completed pool work in your area, and if a home visit would be possible. Reputable companies will often provide portfolios that showcase photos and examples of prior work.
  5. What is the expected turnaround time? Keep in mind, custom pool building is not a speedy process, by any means. The average install time for a basic in-ground pool is approximately 6-10 weeks. Make sure you feel comfortable with the team you hire, as they will be a fixture near and around your home on a day-to-day basis.
  6. What is the project cost of the pool, altogether? Your candidate should provide a written estimate that includes a breakdown of all possible fees and charges. What happens if there are delays or setbacks? What are the terms of the warranty? Make sure your contract ultimately spells out everything in precise detail.
  7. Who is responsible for routine maintenance? This can include, but is not limited to, cleaning, the balancing of chemicals and chlorination, and seasonal startup/shutdown services. These ongoing tasks add to the overall cost of a pool experience. Prospective contractors may offer specially priced services for custom pool building At the very least, you will be guaranteed a level of professionalism to match the install.
  8. Is the company licensed and insured? The first rule of thumb when hiring a contractor of any kind: make certain that the company has adequate General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation for every single worker they bring onboard the job.

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