Choosing a qualified masonry contractor to provide commercial hardscaping for a business can be a critical decision for commercial property owners. Not only does exquisite stonework contribute to a phenomenal first impression with new visitors, but visually dynamic aesthetics have been shown to improve employee morale and boost productivity time and time again.

Custom masonry monuments and signage can also attract new patrons to your business, forging an extension of your brand while increasing your company’s visibility overall.

If you are a property owner or manager looking to give your business or storefront a distinct edge, hiring a masonry contractor to construct an elaborate entranceway or a beautiful brick retaining wall might be a good place to start. Just be sure to consider the following six factors before setting anything in stone.

  1. Design expertise – Make sure to find someone who has more than just basic installation experience. Find a professional who can offer advice regarding materials, additional features, and the most efficient means of meeting your specifications while ensuring that the finished product blends seamlessly with your property’s aesthetic.
  2. Material knowledge – Does your masonry contractor specialize in pavers, brick, concrete, and natural stone? A thorough knowledge of the most popular masonry options demonstrates that a prospect has put in the time and effort to learn his or her trade, leaving no stone – pun intended – unturned.
  3. Licenses, certifications, and insurance – Make absolutely certain the contractor you hire is licensed to operate in the state where you do business, and has been vetted by the various brands and manufacturers they work with. Your masonry contractor should be properly bonded and insured. If a prospect does not carry, at a bare minimum, general liability insurance and workers comp for their employees – find someone else.
  4. Satisfied customers – When hiring a masonry contractor, ask to see a portfolio of previous projects, and possibly even ask about local references so you can get a review straight from the source. Quality contractors with a solid track record should have no problem providing you with the names of two to three former customers.
  5. Pricing – Many factors contribute to the price of your masonry project – stone type, prep work, installation time, and more. Seek out a professional who can offer you a ballpark estimate based on square-footage. Don’t settle for the lowest price. Masonry is an art, in and of itself. In this industry, you most certainly get what you paid for.
  6. Disposal of materials: Check to make sure your contractor takes care of all clean-up duties, including disposal of debris.

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