Maryland has had more than its share of rain this winter. But as sure as April showers bring May flowers, homeowners along the east coast can expect to endure further soaking rains this spring.

Hard-hitting rains can cause severe soil loss on your property, among many other concerns. A masonry retaining wall can protect your landscape against the detrimental effects of downpours. Consider these water-retaining, soil securing benefits:

  • Erosion prevention: Running water carries soil and is the primary cause of erosion, followed by wind and ice. A masonry retaining wall reinforces your landscape’s sloped land, holding the soil back. It also limits the land’s gradient, which reduces the speed of surface runoff.
  • Flood control: Masonry retaining walls also aid in water drainage and can be implemented in conjunction with drainage pipes to divert running water away from your home’s foundation and toward the street.
  • Property defenses: Without a sufficient barricade, rolling soil, dirt, and debris will head straight for your home, pool, cars, gardens, and more. Depending on the speed and force of the impact, material damage can be significant. The structural support provided by a retaining wall keeps your home safe from such landslide-related property damage.
  • Curb appeal: While most masonry retaining walls are installed with protection in mind, they also provide an aesthetically pleasing focal point for your yard and landscape. Retaining walls can be made of stone, brick, and even poured concrete, allowing for optimal synchronization with your home environment. They are often used to create enclosed outdoor living areas and can even be terraced to add more functional space to your yard. Whether incorporating plants or installing a patio, you can say “so long” to the eyesore of dirt piles, and “hello” to a cohesive and decorative home improvement.

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